Life: Comfort, Luxury and Modernity combined in one package..Smart Homes!.

Comfort at home

Enjoy a comfortable modern life in the Etron SmartHome smart home with the unprecedented experience of a model house on a computer. We have over 5 years of smart home installation experience and we are  recognized as one of the most advanced systems to create a new standard for life: comfort, luxury and modernity.

Lighting Systems

The feeling of smart lighting in receptions, family dinners, parties, are a harmonious combination of lighting, sound systems, artistic water fountains, and other electrical equipment systems (if applicable). yes), all bring users really enjoyable experiences

3 Layer Security System

3-layer protection system from outside to inside with sensors to help you detect illegal intrusion early. The system gives warning actions such as turning on garden music, turning on lights in the yard, indoors, turning on sirens…

Multiroom Sound System

While you are enjoying orchestral music in the living room, the children can still independently listen to Rock in their own room and a love song Trinh Cong Son can be enjoyed in the garden area (expanded to 16 sound zones). . Not only that, but you can also turn on / off, increase / decrease the volume or change songs with the buttons on the wall and on the smartphone / tablet screen while anywhere.

Curtain Systems

Control curtains and blinds: open/close via mobile device or schedule an appointment to open/close according to the desired living context.

Irrigation System

The ideas of landscaping around the pool are endless, they reflect your leisure style and create your own personality. The combination of waterfall effects , light and sound effects and plants will create a miniature oasis in your home.