AV Solutions Make the Hospitality Industry More Hospitable

Restaurants, hotels and cruise ships are all racing to employ the newest wave of audiovisual technologies to enhance every guest experience — from placing orders to navigating a city. This is forcing the hospitality industry to evaluate their resources and discover additional ways of accommodating, entertaining, and retain their guests.

We Serve

Central Music system

ITAFRICA provides designs, install and maintain your integrated centralized Background Music  systems. Our specialty is in providing custom build  Background Music  systems solutions for the hospitality industry. Our team has expertise audio distribution technologies and is able to design and deploy either solutions effectively to cover your premises

AV Distributions

AV Distribution solutions consists of all audio and video technologies for direct, instant and clear digital distribution such as Surround Sound Audio, Audio Video Matrix Switching, High-Definition Digital Display viewing and much more. Our team of experts work with our clients, understand their needs to develop an integrated solution that will match their requirements.

CCTV and Security Systems

The best way to defend your hotel premises, staff, and visitors against attacks, intrusion, and vandalism is to strategically place security cameras around the premises. With reliable security cameras in your hotels, motels, parks, and leisure centers, you can stay on top of happenings around your facility and keep criminals away from hampering the progress of your hospitality business. And this is what ITFARICA is best at.

Meeting rooms and Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is increasingly penetrating our daily workflow, moving beyond meeting rooms and invading workplaces and mobile devices. For quality meeting room systems, ITAFRICA help you invest in products and solutions that connect, convert, and distribute audiovisual signals, and most importantly give you complete control of audiovisual systems.

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