AV technology has become a vital tool/component in the heath sector in the entire World.

The Health sector too has not been immune to these changes and technology is fast changing the way healthcare providers operate. Audio Visual capabilities are key influencers in the tide of change for the health industry– notably in patient care and in security solutions.

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Central public address systems

PA systems play an extremely important role in relaying important announcements to patients, customers and office staff respectively. Whether it’s an emergency broadcast to evacuate your premises or regular daily hospital announcements, our public address (PA) systems solution let you clearly communicate with your audience.

Que management systems

With Smart Queue Management system reduce customer queue time, Increase staff productivity and Deliver a delightful customer experience. We provide the solution for every business size. Our Queuing solutions not only generate efficiencies but enhance profitability, build a secured environment and improve the visitor experience.

Call canter Solutions

In the healthcare industry, providing timely and accurate support to patients, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders is of utmost importance. One way to achieve this is through call center software specifically designed for healthcare organizations. ITAFRICA gives you the best Call Center systems easy to integrate with an in-house or third-party CRM.

IP phone System distribution

Communication solution for the healthcare industry provides an ideal customer experience to its patients. Out I hone solution allows patients to schedule an appointment using the IVR system, reduce cost on manual follow-ups with patients and automated reminders for a regular checkup. Multiple touchpoints for patients to provide an Omnichannel Experience.


We understand the importance of security in healthcare facilities. Hospitals and clinics require a high level of security for staff, patients, and visitors, which is why we’re the trusted leader in healthcare facility security systems and surveillance.

Our video surveillance and monitoring solutions ensure the safety of your patients and visitors, while also ensuring that staff adhere to your policies and procedures. We also provide controlled access panels that confine visitors to appropriate areas and protect personal offices and patient information.

In addition to installing security systems with access control, we offer 24/7 monitoring services for all hospital guests and staff.

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