Home Automation – Residential Home in Thika – Kenya


Automation for residential home at the outcast of Nairobi area was started at its initial stage with the client approving the project. Backed by the architecture and electrical personnel that were in charge of the project.

The project is a finely built residence in Thika, Kenya, covering an area of 14400 square meters. ITAFRICA provided a complete smart home system solution, and installed advanced smart products that help the user quickly control the devices and add value to the property.


ITAFRICA has automated every zone of the house with smart lighting controls. And with Dimmer Triac dimming control, the user may switch between strip lights of different colors, meeting the specific lighting requirements for parties and activities.

When he needs bright but eye-friendly light for reading, the user can use the panel button “White light at one-touch” to provide a comfortable light environment. The user may use the panel to activate “Party mode” when their friends come. The dimming system will provide a colorful atmosphere for the party. Meanwhile, a motion sensor is installed at the night table in the bedroom. The sensor, having detected in the darkness that the user is getting up, will automatically feedback to the system. And the system will turn on the small night lamp.

ITAFRICA has also installed by the bedside a iTouch panel. The user does not have to go to the parlor but just stays in bed and moves his finger to turn on the lights in the whole house and to activate different scenarios.

All the bathrooms in the house are installed with 12-in-1 sensors. When human presence is detected, the system will automatically turn on the lights and ventilator to provide the user with a comfortable environment. When the bath is over and the user leaves, the lights will go out automatically, saving power resources. HDL has also installed Granite Display in the parlor and dining hall to realize smart control of lights in the zone via sensors.


All windows have been installed with smart curtain and all integrated to the system. The user control the curtains and blinds form the touch screen ot an app on his mobile phone.

Home Appliances

ITAFRICA has also integrated the client garden irrigation system, water pump, water heater and kitchen refrigerator. The user can control all these from his phone of on the touch screen installed in different sections of the house.

The app on the user touch screen/mobile phone has been customized to quit his demands. For example a bottom of “Welcome Home” triggers different instances at home and knows whether it is at night or day time. A goodbye button shuts down everything in the house and activate the 3-layer security system.