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The CasaTunes 12X8 is our most powerful offering, designed for high end projects.

Music every room: CasaTunes Matrix Amplifier

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The CasaTunes 12X8 is our most powerful offering, designed for high end projects.

The CasaTunes 12X8 combines an audio matrix switch with six stereo 110W power amplifiers, and two dedicated pre-amplified outputs. The number of rooms configured can easily be expanded by adding up to 7 additional CasaTunes 12X8 matrix amplifiers, for a total of 96 rooms.

With 12 input sources available, the CasaTunes 12X8 is designed to complement our 2, 3, 5 and 8 stream music servers. Any unused input sources can be used to connect various audio components, including TVs, set-top boxes, Google Chromecast, Amazon Echo Link, SONOS Connect and Port devices, phonographs, and other components.

You can listen to any input source in any room or combination of rooms. The built-in hardware audio switch results in perfect synchronization and near-zero latency, ideal for switching TV audio, as well as music.

If more amplified zones or power is required, the CasaTunes 12X8 offers 2 pre-amplified and trigger outputs, which can be used to connect to, and control, a secondary power amplifier (such as the CasaTunes CT-2100A and CT-250A stereo amplifiers)

The CasaTunes 12X8 matrix amplifier supports 8 optional keypads that can be assigned to any room. The keypads integrate an IR receiver which can be used to relay IR signals to the source equipment selected for the room.

Other advanced features include an LCD Touch Panel display on the amplifier unit for setup and/or maintenance, system and zone protection, subwoofer pre-amplification filter support, gain adjustment for each input source and output, configurable audio delays, support for presets, and multiple EQ settings for each room, including a 7-band parametric equalizer, loudness, bass, treble and balance.

Amplifier outputs

  • 6 x 110W stereo outputs at @ 8 Ohms
  • 2 stereo preamplifier outputs for powered subwoofer, AV Receiver, and secondary power amplifiers
  • Expandable to 96 rooms. Each additional unit supports 8 more rooms
  • Link two zones, for example, you can link the Living Room zone with a second pre-amplified zone connected to a powered subwoofer
  • Configure room for stereo or mono
  • EQ settings per room, include: 7-band Parametric Equalizer, Loudness, Balance, Bass and Treble
  • Each room includes an additional low-pass filter option (when adding a subwoofer)
  • Separate output gain control for each room
  • Configurable maximum volume per room
  • Configurable power on volume per room
  • Configurable audio delay per room

Input Sources

  • Sources 1-8: Analog Stereo or Coax Digital Audio (PCM)
  • Sources 9-12: Coax or Optical Digital Audio (PCM)
  • Sources 1-12: Programmable delay up to 600 ms
  • 12 buffered coax digital outputs used to link sources with an additional expansion unit
  • 8 x IR emitter ports designed to relay IR signals from a room with a keypad or IR receiver and control a specific source component.
  • 2 x IR emitter ports designed to relay all IR signals from a room and control source components common to all zones
  • Configurable input gain for input sources, so the output volume level is matched for all sources


  • AMP ON 1-8: +12V signal when the associated room is powered on
  • +12V signal when any room on this unit is powered on
  • 2 Trigger Inputs (PRESETS P1 & P2) can be used to trigger a preset and typically used to integrate a doorbell ringer
  • 14 programmable presets available


  • 8 Keypad ports are available for use with optional keypads
  • IR receiver integrated with keypads
  • Configurable source specific IR routing available
  • Available in white only

Front Panel Touch Panel Control

  • 2.8” color touch panel allows installer to control the matrix amplifier and view the current status during setup and/or maintenance
  • Network
  • Control the matrix amplifier using standard IP network connection
  • Select Static or Dynamic IP Address
  • 2 Ethernet ports (MAIN IN/EXT OUT) to simplify linking multiple expansion units


  • Temperature monitoring and thermal control protection
  • 110 / 240VAC 50/60 HZ automatic switch
  • Low standby power
  • Rack ears included
  • Firmware upgradable for maintenance and future functionality

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